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Pet Facts And Trivia

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pet facts

Party Marty here! It’s Friday! Since I don’t feel much like working, here are some fun pet facts to lighten the mood as you go into the weekend.

Pet Facts-Dogs

  • The American foxhound is the Virginia state dog.
  • A dog can carry half its weight comfortably in a backpack.
  • A dog’s normal body temperature is 101.5 degrees.
  • Translated into Italian, “Fido” means loyalty.
  • A dog’s tail can represent as many as six different messages, depending upon its position.
  • St. Rock is the patron saint of dogs.  Legend has it that he became ill with the plague and went to live in the forest.  While there, a dog brought him bread and licked Rock’s wounds to heal them.

Pet Facts-Cats

  • About 50% of cats are right-handed.
  • For cats, puberty begins at age four months.
  • When your domestic cat chases mice, it will result in a successful catch in about one in three pounces!
  • The maximum speed of a domestic cat is 30 miles per hour. That’s nothing! I can go 70 miles per hour….okay, when I am riding in the car on the highway!
  • The word “tabby” was likely derived from Attabiyah, a Baghdad neighborhood.  The markings of tabby cats resemble the pattern of striped silk made in the area.
  • The Selkirk Rex is the only cat breed named after an actual person.  The woman that developed the breed named it after her stepfather.
  • Notice that cat’s eyes appear to glow in the dark?  This effect, known as night shine, happens when light hits the eye after the cat has been in the dark long enough that the pupil opens completely.  The retina creates what appears to be a glow.

Have an amazing Friday! It’s been a rough and busy week, and as you know, the first five days after the weekend are always the most difficult!


This post was originally published in June 2012 and has been updated to add content



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