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How to Keep a Cat from Becoming Bored

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Party Marty here, still a little worn out from watching that NCAA basketball game last night:  So, Kentucky won. Oh, well…what are you going to do? Let’s play! That’s right! Play! As a cat, it sometimes can get boring sitting around all day, waiting for the occasional belly rub or treat. I need more stimulation than that. Just because I am no longer a cute kitty, I do need more mental and physical excitement, if anything, for my state of mind and well-being. After all…would YOU just like to lie around all day and do nothing? No worries? (Don’t answer that!)

Unlike dogs that usually get a walk or two each day, all we live for involves eating, sleeping and, well, pooping. Boring after a while, wouldn’t you think? Let’s switch things up a bit! Take a few minutes out of your busy day and play with me! You just need the right playthings. C’mon! I’ll show you!

Cats love to play! If it involves chasing, swatting and pouncing, we’re in! Besides, just imagine the entertainment value it will hold for you in watching us have fun. Try this one: Tie a feather to a string and then attach it to a stick. As if you were fishing, dangle the feather above your cat’s head and watch him swat for it. Raise it up a bit higher and see what he does. Be sure to let him catch it and “win” a few times or he’ll just get bored and walk away.

Why not make a ball out of a few pipe cleaners? Throw it a few feet away from the cat and watch him go for it…and then try to pull it apart.

Next time the bagger at the store asks you, “Paper or plastic,” opt for paper. I don’t know any cat that cannot resist an empty paper bag. Put it on the ground on its side and watch your cat explore the bag. Scratch the outer surface of the bag when your cat is in there and watch him try to paw your hand from the inside. For more fun, cut a few holes into the bag and poke a feather or pipe cleaner in them to see if he will lunge for them! Just be careful not to poke him in the eye!

Thanks to for this great information!  Now that March Madness is over, I need a new interest!


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