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Hey, Spot! Have You Filled Out Your College Applications Yet?

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Party Marty, the cool cat, here!  Is it Friday already??? This has been a busy week, what with Christmas and all!  I really do need to extend my naptime to make up for all the festivities that kept me going around the clock.  I know I could get some more rest if it were not for that mangy mutt, Jessie. She can be do demanding at times and that is cutting into my R&R time! Not good.

You know…at times I think it would be best to just ship her off to boarding school or something. I really could use more space around here to myself.  I got online and did a little research and from what I discovered, many colleges and universities across the country are now allowing dogs to live in the dorms. Hmmmmm…..maybe Jessie should fill out some college applications

According to, colleges across the country are changing their policies and allowing students to bring their dogs with them to the dorm. However, it is not as simple as packing up one’s clothes, bedding, toiletries and computer. There are also some rules and guidelines to consider first.

Some colleges may have age and ownership requirements. Some may require that they be at least 18 months old and have been with the family for at least a year. And if you are considering taking in a stray to the dorm room, forget about it!  That may mean instant penalties and loss of the privilege to even have a dog in your dorm room.

Some colleges require that you register your dog. In addition to notifying the school about your new “dorm mate,” you may also have to register him/her with the city and state, as well. You may even have to pay a registration fee with the college in the form of a deposit in case any accidents occur during the school year as a result of accidents or damages that need to be repaired later on

Some colleges have certain breed and weight restrictions. Unfortunately, many colleges do not allow such breeds as Pit Bulls, Rotweillers, Chows, Akitas or German Shepherds. Additionally, some cap out the weight limit at 40 pounds. Be sure to inquire of any weight restrictions from your college if they do allow pets in the dorms.

Obviously, your dog’s vaccinations and shots must be current. If they are not, your dog will not be granted admission. End of story!

Your dog must be well behaved and housebroken. Clearly, your human roomie won’t want to deal with potty issues and accidents in the dorm room, and when your dog is navigating the hallways, he/she should be well trained in dealing with the chaos and constant flurry of activity. Otherwise, he/she may be given the proverbial walking papers….as in…take that dog for a walk right off the campus and don’t look back!

Finally, one dog is usually the limit! Remember…. college is for humans….not dogs!






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