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Back-to-School Time! Time to Brush Up on Your Canine Vocabulary Words!

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Jessie, the intellectual and curious dog who loves to learn:

School is almost in session for yet another year! My, how time flies! Students across the nation are heading back to class, eager to learn more and more every day.

Even on this blog, our goal is to educate and entertain our readers. School is in full-swing year-round here. So, in our best “back-to-school” spirit, I have rounded up a list of vocabulary words that every dog owner should know. Study hard, but relax…there is no pop quiz at the end! The reward is knowing more at the end of this blog post than you did at the beginning. Ready? Here we go…

  • Bitch: A female dog (No cuss words on this web site; the word is what it is!)
  • Breed: A variety of dogs with consistent traits
  • Crop: This involves the clipping off the top of a puppy’s ears to make them stand erect. It is an illegal practice in some countries.
  • Dock: This is a procedure that involves shortening a puppy’s tail by cutting off a portion of it.
  • Dog: By definition, this is a male canine.
  • Feathering: This is the long fringes of hair on the ears, legs and tail of some dogs.
  • Kennel: A place where dogs are bred and boarded. (Sadly, it is not always the Ritz!)
  • Mongrel: This is a dog with parents who are of different breeds, a/k/a, a mutt!
  • Purebred: This is a dog with parents and ancestors all of the same breed.
  • Stud: A male used for breeding purposes.

Now…are you ready for your pop quiz! (I know…. I lied! I like to keep you on your toes)
Who is the world’s greatest pet blogger? Drum roll, please…. JESSIE!!!!!!!!

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