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A Memorial: Remembering Friends We Lost in 2018

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Each year, I look back on the year ending and recall friends that passed away.  This year was especially tough, with five pet friends passing over the Rainbow Bridge.  Some of them were long time friends, some new, but all were special in their own way. They will all be forever missed by those of us who knew and loved them.



WIllie enjoying cuddle time with his mom on his 17th birthday earlier this yearMiss

I didn’t meet Willie until last year.  He was considered the patriarch of the family, keeping the peace between his two kitty siblings Patches and Oreo.

Willie was a calm boy who loved his meals, he’d come running every time he heard the food can open!

He was greatly loved and is missed by his human and his kitty sibs.

Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty was a small girl with lots of cattitude. She governed her feline siblings sometimes with an iron paw, but to the humans that knew her, she was lots of fun and definitely a force of nature.

She hadn’t been feeling well the last year, and even though she wasn’t well, she always did her best to be a good hostess to visitors and spend time hanging out with her kitty sibs.

Miss Kitty was a fighter to the end, that was one of the aspects of her personality I admired most.  You will be missed, Miss Kitty!


Miss Kitty in her heyday


Blackie was one of my very first clients when I started this business.  I saw her for petsitting usually several times a year.  She LOVED to be brushed, demanded it, actually.

Another small kitty with unlimited cattitude, she had her humans wrapped around her paw. Each time I could visit her, what she loved most was sitting in her human’s golf cart, being brushed and talked to for the duration of the visit.

Over the years, we spent hours talking in that golf cart, it’s hard to believe she’s gone. Her spirit will live on, and every time I see a golf cart, I will think of her and smile.  You are missed, Ms. Blackie, you are missed!


Blackie and I during one of our golf cart sessions


I met Mulligan a few years ago.  She got anxious when her people were gone, so overnight stays worked best for her.  We spent many nights watching TV, hanging out, going for walks and talking. She could be stubborn on occasion, as we all can, but she was a good friend.

Mulligan enjoyed our “slumber parties” and I will miss hanging out with my friend, “Mulls.”


Mulligan logging couch time during one of our overnight stays


Last month, I lost one of my closest pet friends, Cody.  Cody, aka “Code Man,” his doggy brother Bandit, and I took midday walks on weekdays and occasionally we had overnight stays when their people went out of town.

Cody, a Jack Russell Terrier, had his stubborn side, no doubt about it, but he was also an easygoing guy that enjoyed walks, loved his treats, and liked to play ball.

As he aged, the walks weren’t as enjoyable for him, so we changed the route so he could keep going. Bandit misses his brother, and walks are different now, but I can feel Code Man walking down the street with us.

Take care, Code Man, we all miss you!


Cody aka Code Man waiting for something to happen

This was a hard post to write, but it was great to think of these pet friends again! You will all be very missed.

Rest well, my friends, until we meet again!