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Hate Pesky Pet Hair? Check Out These Tips

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pet hair

Pets rule…you know that…but sometimes that pet hair can be somewhat of a nuisance.  Cats and dogs tend to leave a hair or two here and there…on the furniture, on the floor, and on people’s clothing. So..what’s a pet owner to do?  Check out these tips from

  • If your cat or dog rests in the same place in the house, consider putting a towel down where they lie and shake it out periodically before washing it.
  • Vacuum frequently during the week to remove pet hair from the carpet.
  • Make regular grooming of your pet a habit.  That keeps the pet hair problem down to a minimum. If you have a dog with a double coat, try out the Furminator to reduce shedding.  There are various options available for both dogs and cats.
  • On hard wood floors, use one of those awesome electrostatic mops.  Unlike vacuums, they don’t blow pet hair around. In between vacuum sessions, try the Swiffer sweeper or the Roomba from iRobot.  Although the Roomba is definitely more expensive, you can set it to automatically vacuum the areas you need done, and it has a scheduling option, too.
  • When picking out furniture, look for microfiber or similar materials like ultrasuede  that won’t harbor pet hair.  Look for patterned upholstery that’s similar in color to your pet, but avoid tweed fabric, the weave will trap pet hair.
  • For pet hair on clothing, use one of those tape rollers.
  • Lint brushes for clothing or a dry sponge (sold at pet supply stores) are great for picking up pet hair off of furniture.
  • Look at your pet’s diet.  Feeding your pet a high-quality diet helps reduce the amount of shedding.  A diet with highly digestible ingredients will keep your pet’s coat healthy.  Look for foods that contain meat as the first ingredient, and be sure there aren’t “mystery” items you can’t pronounce.  I shy away from food with too many ingredients, or ones I can’t pronounce, and I do the same for my pets.

Of course, in the big picture, having all of the pet hair in your home means just one thing: You are loved immensenly and unconditionally!  How cool is that?


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