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Has Your Dog Been Skunkified?

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I got a text from a client yesterday not to visit their dog, she’d been sprayed by a skunk and the client figured it would take the better part of the day to rid the dog and the house of the odor.

A few hours later I received another text asking if I could visit after all, the skunk odor was gone!  Over the years, I’ve seen many strange concoctions mentioned as ways to get rid of skunk odor, so I was curious what solution my client used.  I asked the client what he’d used to get rid of the odor, and he showed me a product I didn’t know existed, Nature’s Miracle Skunk Odor Remover 32oz.

I was aware of various odor removal products from this company and have used several of them, but had no idea about the one to remove skunk odor.  In discussing further with my client, he applied the product to his dog’s fur, then left it on for five minutes.  Afterward, he rinsed the product off and shampooed her, and the smell was gone!

My client’s dog is a Black Lab, so she has short hair and the product was applied not too long after the skunk encounter.  Based on reviews I read online, the product works best on short haired dogs that aren’t wet, and applying the product very soon after the dog is sprayed.  Reviewers with dogs that have longer hair, or had delays before applying the product, it took repeat applications to really notice a difference.

The product has been around for quite some time, but I hadn’t heard about it until my client told me.  I’m not being paid to endorse this product, but I like learning about new products that I think would be helpful to our readers, and when I do I like to share with others who might have a need for them at some point.

My client purchased the product at a local hardware store, it is also available online via Amazon and through other pet product retailers. Hopefully, you won’t need this product too often, but it would be worth keeping some on hand if the need arises.