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For Your Pet: New Uses For Old Things

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I’m a big fan of Real Simple magazine, and one feature in every issue is “New Uses For Old Things”.  The feature gives some good ideas on how to use things you probably have in your house in new ways.  I found these ideas for pets on their website:

  • Does the jangling of your dog’s tags drive you a little crazy from time to time?  If so, but rubber key protectors on the tags to stop the noise
  • Need to remove pet hair from furniture?  Dampen a rubber glove, then run it across the furniture surface.  The pet hair will cling to the glove.  When done, rinse the glove in sink and pet hair will come off.
  • Looking for a way to secure your pet’s food or water dish?  Put velcro strips on the bottom to secure the dish
  • Tired of spending money on dog toys?  Get three old dish towels, cut a strip from the short end of two of the towels.  Then braid the three towels together, tying each end with one of the strips you cut earlier
  • Do you have a cat that frequently has trouble with hairballs?  Add 1/8- 1 1/8 teaspoon of olive oil to his food periodically to help with digestion
If you’d like more tips like these, check out


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