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Five Obvious Ways that Your Cat Tells You She Loves You!

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Party Marty here!  It has been a fabulous week weather-wise here in the Midwest, making my job of napping for more enjoyable and relaxing. However, at the moment, this cat is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to dispense his usual rhetoric about all things pets.  Today’s topic is near and dear to my heart:  How can you tell if your cat loves you?

Yes, we are mysteries creatures…aloof, independent, feisty, demanding, entitled…you name it. We also enjoy being pampered and adored. However, how do you know when we are returning the love in kind? Well, here are a few clues that your cat may have a soft spot in her heart for you:

Does she rub up against you? When your cat rubs on or head butts you, that is her signal of claiming you as her own.  She is leaving her scent on you and marking her turf!

Does she opt to sit on you or beside you? We love warm sleeping places, such as a comfy lap; the back of the couch near your head; or on your computer keyboard while you are trying to work.  Inconvenient for you at times? Yes, but when your cat chooses to be right next to you over being somewhere very comfortable, she adores you!

Will your cat hold eye contact with you and share a blink?  If so, it’s love!  Cats do not like eye contact, but they will make it and sustain it with people they know, like and trust. Consider yourself among the beloved if she does this with you.

Does your cat bring you gifts and surprises? Have you ever been on the receiving end of a dead mouse or grasshopper?  Has your cat left such a little gift on your pillow or on your bed? If so, you rock in her eyes!

Then there is that soothing purring sound, which is indicative of friendliness. It’s that special kind of purr that is literally music to your ears singing softly to you, “Ahh, I love you!”

Now…how do you know if I like you guys?  Well, I keep coming back to this blog and posting stuff. If that is not a sign of trust and admiration, I don’t know what is!  See you next time!



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