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Five Dog Breeds that Are Perfect for Busy Families!

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Bolt, the Yorkie-Poo guest blogger: I am a pretty lucky little dog. I have a great family and live in a comfortable home. I am very low-maintenance and, much like that cat Party Marty, cannot live without my daily naps! I am a good fit for my family, too. As long as I am fed, loved, and my basic needs are met, I am good! Lucky for them, too, as they are quite the busy clan.

I decided to do some research online to find out which dog breeds are the best for busy families, and thanks to, here are five of them:

1)   French Bulldog – This is a lap warmer and loyal best friend. He is very family-friendly, affectionate and of an even disposition. You can’t go wrong with this one!

2)   Basset Hound – This is a very gentle dog, known for his sweet disposition and low grooming requirements. Even his exercise needs are low. He just needs love and a happy family!

3)   Pug – This breed is very playful, out going, and even-tempered. He can easily transition from city life to country life and aims to please!

4)   Golden Retriever – Who doesn’t love this breed? He is intelligent, eager to please, active, loyal, loving, social and highly adaptable to most any given situation. Yeah…he’s a keeper!

5)   Cardigan Welsh Corgi – This breed loves people and is very loyal to its humans. It is an even-tempered dog that can live in the city just as comfortably as in the country. However, it does require daily exercise to prevent obesity!

Well, That is my post for today. I am off to visit my favorite napping spot! Thanks for letting me check in on you guys! Enjoy the weekend!




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