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Finding A Pet Friendly Hotel

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If you’re like many people today, you may be planning to include your dog in your holiday travel plans. How friendly are hotels when it comes to doggy guests? Here are some tips to help you choose a good place to stay when your dog accompanies you.

If you plan to have your dog stay at a hotel with you when you travel the very first thing you need to do is find out the hotel’s pet policy. Some hotel and motel chains have nationwide pet policies that dictate whether or not they accept pets. However, many hotels and motels are individual franchises and pet policy is set by the local owners. Before you make any reservations you should check online or preferably call the hotel or motel and ask if they accept pets.

Once you find out if the hotel or motel accepts pets you will also need to ask if there are any size restrictions. Some hotels and motels set limits on the size dog that can stay at their establishment, such as 15 pounds or 25 pounds. Size restrictions such as these can be a real hardship for people who own larger dogs but they do exist.

If the hotel or motel does accept pets and they can accommodate your dog’s size, make sure you ask about any pet deposits. Many hotels/motels require a pet deposit to allow your dog to stay. Some hotels/motels demand a separate deposit for each night you will be staying. These deposits may not be refundable so be sure to ask about that point before you make your reservation.

Many hotels offer some pleasant amenities for you and your dog. If you are willing to pay more to stay at upscale hotels with your dog, some hotels offer luxury amenities for their dog guests such as doggy massage, dinner on fine hotel china, bottled water for your dog, allowing your dog in a swimming pool for dogs, and many other luxuries.

Wherever you stay with your dog you should plan on walking your dog and picking up after him. Dog-friendly hotels/motels often provide cans or barrels outdoors specifically for picking up after your dog. They may also provide you with plastic baggies to help you with clean up.

Showdogs often travel across the country and have to stay in hotels and motels with their owners and handlers. In some cases a hotel/motel has set aside a special room for grooming and bathing. This cuts down on clogged drains in the rooms from people bathing dogs in them.

If you’re flying with your dog, check with your hotel/motel to ensure they allow pet passengers on their shuttle service.

Smart hotel and motel owners know that more than 45 million households in the U.S. own dogs and the people who live in those households travel. Itís good for business to be dog-friendly.



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