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Dogs – Masters of the Sixth Sense!

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dogs and intuition

The Spirit of Bo, the beloved late cat, returning to educate, enlighten and inform (Also because Jessie is pampering herself and Party Marty is napping!):

You know how you can sense certain things? You have an intuition about things and when you trust your gut, you are usually correct, right? Well, dogs have strong intuition, as well. They are continually in tune with your emotions and will act and react accordingly.

According to an article on, dogs are highly tuned in to their owners’ emotions. If you are scared or nervous, they react accordingly. A larger dog might respond by becoming a bit aggressive when you are emitting a sense of fear. A smaller dog might follow your lead when he senses you are afraid of something. He, too, might become scared.

If you are feeling sad or depressed, your dog will pick up on that, too. And a dog can also read your intentions. Before you even head to the bathroom to get the towel and dog shampoo, he will pick up on what you are doing and instinctively know it’s bath time. Weird, huh? Of course, if your intentions are more favorable to the dog, he will respond accordingly. “(“Oh! I know it is treat time! I know you will be going to the fridge in three, two, one…BINGO!”)

And if you have more than one dog, they get the fairness stuff. They have the mental capacity of a two-year-old, so if you give one dog a treat, you better give the other dog one, too. Dogs know when things are not fair. However, they will not realize if you give one dog a piece of meat and the other a piece of bread. What does matter is that they both get a prize!

So, just remember…dogs are like little mind readers. They sense far more about you and your emotions than you might realize.



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