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Adopt A Shelter Pet Day: Shelter Pets Rock!

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Bo and Jessie

Today we’re focused a pet adoption, but it’s my opinion every day should be adopt a shelter pet day.

I’ve heard people talk about shelter pets as though they’re less than, not as good as a purebred or they’re in a shelter because they’re damaged in some way.

Actually that isn’t the case at all for a lot of shelter animals.  Pets end up in shelters or rescues because their guardians pass away, the family may be moving somewhere and can’t take the pet with them for some reason. There are many reasons pets end up in shelters, but it doesn’t make the pet “damaged goods”.

Yes, there are some very ugly cases of abuse, neglect, hoarding that lead to pets ending up in shelters.  These pets may often have health and behavioral problems, but the shelters and rescue groups that take in these cases take the steps necessary to nurse the pets back to health and do the work to help the pets trust people again.

If you’re determined to have a purebred, rest assured it’s possible to find one in a shelter or rescue group.  At least 25% of the pets in shelters are purebred.  There are also breed specific rescues in many areas, if there’s a particular breed you’re interested in adding to your family.

Unfortunately, pets often end up in shelters because owners didn’t do the homework before getting a dog or cat.  Having a pet is very rewarding, but they also need love, attention and care.  It’s important to know the investment of time required for exercise and grooming, as well as associated costs.  Take a hard look at all aspects of pet ownership and be 100% sure you can cover the pet’s needs before bringing them home.  It’s heartbreaking for the pet and often for the family to give a pet up.

All of my pets have been shelter babies, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Shelter pets know they’re lucky to have forever homes, and when given a chance will shower love on their people.

If you’re looking for a pet, please check or for pets to adopt in your area.


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