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Dogs And Chocolate: How Much Is Toxic?

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Most dog owners know chocolate is toxic to dogs.  With the holiday season, sweets are much more accessible to us, and unfortunately sometimes our dogs. Chocolate contains a chemical similar to caffeine that can cause agitation, overstimulation and even seizures in dogs.  The amount of chocolate that would be considered toxic is higher than you might think.

The effects of chocolate vary depending on the weight of the dog and the amount of chocolate eaten.  Another factor is the type of chocolate your dog consumes, dark chocolate is much more dangerous than milk chocolate.

The November 2012 issue of Your Dog magazine includes a table that shows the amount of chocolate considered toxic to dogs.  Check it out below:


Weight Of Dog               Toxic-Milk Chocolate                             Toxic-Dark Chocolate

5 pounds                                    4 ounces                                                 0.5 ounces

10 pounds                                  8 ounces                                                 1.0 ounce

20 pounds                                  1 pound                                                   2.5 ounces

30 pounds                                  2 pounds                                                 3.25 ounces

40 pounds                                  2.5 pounds                                              4.5 ounces

50 pounds                                  3 pounds                                                   5.5 ounces

60 pounds                                  4 pounds                                                   7 ounces

70 pounds                                  5 pounds                                                   8.5 ounces


This chart is a guideline, if you find your dog has ingested chocolate, but don’t have a way of telling how much he’s eaten, contact your veterinarian immediately.


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