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Dog Poop: Yes, You DO Need to Clean It Up!

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Dog Walking

Party Marty here! Ah, crap! It’s Friday already!  And I say crap as a subject matter, not really a curse word, but…it is kind of fun to say it!  Okay, so this fun loving cat is ready for the weekend, but before I can run off, I want to dish a bit on dog poop. No, not cat poop…we take care of our business in a manner far superior to dogs…but dog poop needs to be addressed today. Why? Well, for starters, dog poop stinks! But more important, I want to express how critical it is for you to clean up after your dog after he eliminates. Sure, it’s easy just to kick some dirt over it and move on, but don’t be so negligent.  When you are out on a walk with your dog – or even letting him roam about your own yard – it is very important to pick that stuff up, bag it and put it in the trash. And if the following reasons don’t gross you out as to why, then you need to seriously reconsider your most alarming habits!

If the poop is not picked up, the decomposition process begins. Toxic bacteria begin to creep into the soil.  (Grossed out yet?) Believe it or not, but your dog’s poop is not a bed of roses, as it carries pathogens that can pollute our fresh water supply…. dangerous pathogens! Beware! And wastewater systems are not designed to filter dog waste.  Gross! Anyone care for a glass of water from the tap?

Here’s a fun fact:  Our natural ecosystem can handle just two dogs per square mile.  In most urban areas, there are roughly 125 dogs per square mile. That’s a lot of poop that should be disposed of properly!  In fact, the EPA classifies dog poop to be just as toxic to the environment as chemical and oil spills.

So, I beg you…take a bag and pick it up…yes…even when no one is watching!

Thanks so much for tuning in today and thanks for for this great information.




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