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Do You See What I See?

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dog looking out window

Bolt, Yorkie-Poo Guest Blogger: Sometimes, my human loves to put me up on her lap and look out the window with her for a mid-afternoon work break. She annoyingly asks me, “What do you see, Boo Baby?” (That is her pet name for me. Give it a break! I am almost four years old! I am not a baby. Still, her affections do come with perks…like extra hugs, kisses and treats!)

Well, as for what I can see, it is not always what humans see. Dogs see best at dusk and at dawn. We have low-light vision, which is superior to that of humans, but our overall vision is not quite as good as yours. Perfect vision for a human is registered at 20/20, and a dog’s vision can average around 20/75. Dogs cannot see well at a distance as humans can, and humans can see things better up close.

On average, a human can see something as close as seven centimeters away, but to a dog, things are blurry if they are closer than 33 centimeters away. Dogs can recognize objects better when they are moving and may sometimes overlook the same object if it is still!

If you have ever wondered if dogs see what you see on a TV screen, well, we most likely see a rapidly flickering light, kind of like a strobe light. The resolution ability of a human is about 55 Hz while that of a dog’s is 75Hz.

Still, I don’t mind sitting on my human’s lap to watch TV or stare out the window. We might not see the same thing, but I always envision a treat in the end!

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