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Do You Know Which Cat Has Raked in Over a Billion Dollars in One Year?

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Party Marty here. I am back on the blog scene, ready to dish on what’s important for me to share and equally important for you to know!

As a cat, I know plenty. I am a mile wide and an inch deep but still can hold my own in any intellectual conversation and when it comes to facts about cats, I am always on top of my game. So, if you think you know all there is to know about cats, think again. Thanks to me and some research I did via, you will now be treated to some interesting information! You can thank me later!

Ever wonder why dogs gulp down their dinner while cats tend to eat several smaller meals? Well, our ancestors hunter small prey, while dogs were large-game pack hunters.

Cats hunt even when they are not hungry! Not everything they hunt down is consumed, though. Some might even bring it home to their owners! As for myself, well, when I am not hungry, I do that other thing I do best: nap.

Cats are nearsighted creatures, but not close-sighted. With such large eyes, they cannot focus on anything that is less than a foot in front of them. In those instances, they let their whiskers do the work, as their whiskers can feel what they cannot clearly see.

Cats do not have a keen sense of taste, especially when it comes to sweetness. In fact, we are one of the few mammals that do not possess the taste receptors for sweetness.

However, being carnivores, we do crave the meat! We get our energy from protein, not carbs!

We have enjoyed a long-standing relationship with sailors. How so, you might ask? For centuries, cats have been kept on ships as a means of rodent control and as good luck charms! (Yes, I am quite charming!)

The world’s wealthiest cat is a cartoon – Hello Kitty, straight out of Japan. This cat raked in more than $1 billion in sales and royalties in 2012! Dang…I need to get another job!

Finally, do you know which cat holds the record for the most amount of napping hours during the day? While it remains undocumented, I will bet one of my nine lives that I am in the lead in that regard!




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