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Do You Know The Warning Signs of Cancer in Your Pet?

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The Spirit of Bo, returning to enlighten our readers about all things pets. (And Party Marty, who usually contributes on this day, is passed out on the couch and has no plans to move at this point. That cat loves his naps!):

While I may not be as entertaining as Marty, I will provide information that is far more edifying and necessary to know as a pet owner.

Do you know the possible warning signs of cancer in pets? This horrific disease is not just something that afflicts humans. Your pets are at risk, as well, and if you know the potential warning signs, you can seek veterinary care for your pet sooner rather than later, perhaps saving his life or at least prolonging it. Cancer is the #1 disease-related killer of pets.

According to, here are some of the warning signs of cancer in pets. (Please note that if you recognize one, some or all of them that they are not necessarily indicative of the disease, but you should heed the warnings and call your veterinarian immediately to have your pet examined. Better safe than sorry, right?):

  • Unusual lumps or bumps under the skin.
  • Abnormal/foul odors coming from your pet’s mouth, ears or anal regions.
  • Abnormal discharge of fluids, including blood, pus, vomit and diarrhea.
  • Unexplained weight loss in your pet.
  • Coughing or exhibiting struggles with breathing.
  • Lethargy and/or depressive behavior.
  • Non-healing wounds.
  • Changes in bathroom habits…goes too little; goes too often; struggles to go.
  • Evidence of pain – limping or hobbling.

Again, I am not a doctor nor do I play one on this blog, but I did want to share these helpful tips, courtesy of, as it is important to keep the health of your pet at top of mind so you can have peace of mind.

Thanks for allowing me this opportunity to converse with you today. I promise that Party Marty will be back on the scene sometime next week!


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