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Cool Cats Know How to Share the Love!

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kitty valentine

The Spirit of Bo, here to disperse lots of love on this special day designed for just that: LOVE! Wow!  Do I miss just being around here, purring in the sunlight, greeting my human Karen at the end of every day, and pestering that annoying dog, Jessie. However, even in spirit, I can spread the love I feel. If you own a cat, you are in luck! Even though cats are typically thought of as aloof and fiercely independent, when they develop a bond with their human, the love they give out is undeniable.

For example, we are quite fond of bringing home “love offerings” as a symbol of our adoration for you. If we drag in a dead rodent or dead bird, while understandably gross at first, we prefer to honor that prize as a token of our love for you!

If your cat tends to follow you around, congratulations! You have a fan. Now, we are a particular and fussy sort, so don’t expect us to be right on your heels like those dogs of yours. No…we do things in our own time. So while you venture off into another room, we may slowly take our time and then follow you in there, finding a comfortable spot close to you to relax.

Ever hear of “cat kisses?” Well, if not….you are in for a treat. Sometimes you may find us staring at you intently, but adoringly, and then we will squint and briefly close our eyes. Consider yourself smooched at that point! Yeah…we love ya!

When your cat rolls over on his or her stomach exposing the belly, that is less a signal for a belly rub (although that is encouraged!), and more of a sign that we trust you. We don’t assume that position for just anyone, you know!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Go hug a cat.  Okay…and a dog, too!  Geez!  Am I an equal opportunity cat blogger or what?

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