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Collar That Cat!

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cat looking out the window

When shopping for a cat collar, those with either buckled or snap-together closures are perfect choices.  Test the snap-together ones to make sure the hold is strong.  Also make sure it has a quick-release feature in case your cat gets stuck on something.  You will also need to find one that adjusts as your cat grows, if you are starting with a kitten.  If your cat goes outdoors frequently, you might look into a collar with reflective features.

The ideal fit for a cat collar should allow you to slip one to two fingers between your cat’s neck and the collar.  Some cat collars come adorned with bells that cats enjoy.  Just make sure that the bell is secure and does not come off and pose a choking hazard.

Don’t rely on your cat’s collar as the primary means of identification. If your cat becomes lost or loses his collar, he cannot be postively ID’d.  The best thing to do is to have a microchip placed under your cat’s skin to increase the chances of your cat being returned home.


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