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Choosing The Right Crate For Your Dog

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puppy crate training

Dog crates are one of the best training tools you can invest in for your puppy or dog. Whether house training a puppy, traveling with your dog, or giving your dog his own personal space, a crate can be the answer to many dog issues. So, how do you go about choosing a dog crate?

The first thing to consider is how the crate will be used. There are different kinds and styles of crates, some of them better suited to some activities than others. For instance, hard plastic crates are good for any kind of traveling in vehicles because they provide some measure of protection in case of accidents.

If you’re looking for a quiet place for your dog to hang out in the house while you’re home with him, then a canvas crate could work very well. Likewise, a wire crate can be just the thing if you are crating your dog while you are together at some activity such as a training class. They are open and airy and allow your dog to see what’s going on. Most of them are lightweight, collapsible and portable, too. They also have the added bonus of being sturdier than canvas crates so your dog can’t claw his way out of them.

To help with house training your puppy, a hard plastic kennel or a wire crate can both be good choices depending on your puppy’s personality. If your puppy needs some quiet time now and then, a hard plastic crate is a good choice. If you have a puppy who can’t stand to be isolated and who loves to see what’s going on, then a wire crate could be a better choice since it will allow your puppy to continue to see what’s happening around him. If you want him to quiet down you can always drape a sheet over part of the crate so he can get some rest. Either crate can be a good choice if you make it cozy for your puppy.

When choosing the right size crate for your dog most crate manufacturers do a good job of recommending the best size crate for dogs. Look at the box to see the manufacturer’s suggestion for your dog’s breed or type of dog. Some people make the mistake of getting crates that are too large for their dogs. They believe it is kinder to give their dogs more room. However, this isn’t how dogs think. Dogs want to be cozy and snug. Dogs know that they are safer when they are curled up than when they are lying stretched out and exposed. Choose a crate that is just large enough for your dog to stand up and turn around comfortably, rather than one that is huge. This is especially important if your dog will be traveling in the crate. Crates with lots of space leave room for your dog to be tossed around and injured whether flying on a plane or riding in your car.

Dog crates can be wonderful for you and your dog but accustom your dog to it. Once your puppy or dog gets used to the crate he should be very happy to use it as a place to rest.


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