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Chip Bags Can Be Deadly

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I just finished reading a story on the site of a woman whose dog suffocated because of a mylar potato chip bag.

It seems Blue was quite a mischievous fellow, escaping when he got the chance or getting into the trash when his people were gone.  One day, while his mom was at the store, Blue decided to raid the garbage can and found a real treasure, an empty potato chip bag with some crumbs left inside.

He stuck his head into the bag all the way to get the crumbs and the bag got stuck on his head.  In his panic to get air, the mylar bag became a suction and he was unable to get it off.  He eventually lost consciousness and suffocated by the time his mom got home.

The danger of mylar chip bags to pets and children is not widely known.  Blue’s family is hoping to bring focus to this issue in the hopes chip companies will begin putting warnings on the bags and eventually change the bag materials.

In the meantime, if you have empty chip bags that are made of mylar, please cut them into pieces before putting them in the trash.  Blue’s family has established a Facebook page to enlighten people on the danger of mylar bags.  Check out their page at


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