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Can Your Dog’s Coat Reveal Things About His Health? “Fur” Sure It Can!

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Jessie, the well groomed, never has a bad hair/fur day, dog:

It’s no surprise that when your dog is healthy, he is happy, and while there are many key indicators that point to your dog’s happiness, did you know that you can tell a lot about his overall health by the condition of his fur?

A healthy dog sports strong, shiny fur. By understanding how to “read” your dog’s fur, you can assess if he might have any physical or emotional ailments.

Besides regular brushing and washing, be sure to feed your dog the right food and provide him with a balanced diet. This should include plenty of protein and amino acid content to help strengthen and replenish your dogs’ coat. Since dog fur is mainly comprised of protein, a dull or fragile coat can indicated a lack of proper nutrition.

Then there are those unwelcome guests – ticks, fleas and other parasites – that work against your dog’s health. If they have found a home in your dog’s fur, this can lead to infections and discomfort for your dog. By sticking to regular brushing and cleaning habits for your dog, you can ensure that those parasites understand there is no vacancy in your dog’s fur!

Is your dog experiencing excessive hair loss or patches of baldness? That can point to any number of problems, including hormonal issues and tumors, but it can also be a sign of emotional distress or impulse control issues. Extreme or unusual hair loss can be a sign of serious health concerns for your dog.

Does your dog maintain that “new dog” smell after you bathe him? His fur should smell fresh in between baths, but if it exudes a strong, musky or foul odor, it can be a sign of a bacterial infection, fungus, fleas or dry skin. If your dog’s coat remains stinky after a good bath, it is time to visit the vet.

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