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Can Your Dog Do What the Cat Does? I Think Not, Baby Puppy!

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Hey!  TGIF!  Your favorite blogging cat is in the house today!  It’s Party Marty, and even better…it’s FRIDAY!!!!  This is my time to brag about all things cats, as, well, you know, we are so cool and tend to dominate over our drooling counterparts!

And in case you think I am just rattling off nonsense when it comes to tooting the feline horn, I do my homework and dive into the internet to find some material to back up my claims!  I recently did some research on and was very impressed with how the information I discovered made me – and all other cats – just as cool as I have always said we are!  Read on…

Did you know…

Contrary to popular belief, cats and dogs can live together without causing a ruckus. If cats and dogs are introduced when the cat is younger than six months of age and the dog is under a year, the two can peacefully coexist.  Sometimes, it’s just communication problems that create stress. For example, dogs avert their eyes as a signal of submission whereas cats do the same as a sign of aggression.  When introduced early on, they seem to understand each other’s signals…. it’s as if they become bilingual!

When cats drink milk, we are more inclined to do so politely and without mess.  (Take a page from our book, pooches!) Delicate creatures we are, instead of scooping it all up willy-nilly like a dog, we simply touch the tip of our tongues to the surface of a liquid, which creates a column that stretches as we pull our tongues back. Before gravity comes into play, we snap our jaws shut and capture a mouthful of the yummy goodness!  Try that, Fido!

And while dogs may seem to enjoy more active social lives, we are still in the game and quite talented.  In fact, researchers have recorded a wild cat mimicking the call of its prey in an attempt to ambush it. We can be quite cunning! We do have brains and are not afraid to use them!

For the most part, we are in charge at home, too! We have perfected a purr-cry that will get our humans to race to the kitchen to quickly open and dispense a can of goodies. Face it!  Humans just cannot resist our harmonious blend of annoyance and contentment. We use this cry to let you know we want food…NOW! And for whatever reason, you respond! Need I say more?



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