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Can You Judge A Man By His Dog?

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Pet ownership

When you meet a man or woman, does the breed of dog they’re walking affect your first impression?

According to a recent survey by mobile app company Kloof of 1000 pet lovers ages 18-33, the breed of dog does enter into what we tend to think about the other person as a potential date.  The survey shows retrievers are the leader of the pack for both sexes if you’re trying to attract a date.

According to the survey, the top dog breeds to attract men are:

  1. Golden Retrievers
  2. Labrador Retrievers
  3. Chihuahuas
  4. Poodles
  5. Beagles.

For women, the top dog breeds to attract them to men are:

  1. German Shepherds
  2. Golden Retrievers
  3. Labrador Retrievers
  4. Huskies
  5. French Bulldogs

The survey results showed that while men say they are likely to date a woman who owns a Chihuahua, they often enter into the relationship thinking the woman is “easy” and “dumb.” On the flip side, women are 10 times more likely to view a man who owns a pit bull to be “slimy” or “sketchy” than a man with a Siberian husky.

What do you think, does the breed of dog tell something about the person?


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