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National Dog Day: Time to Break Out the Treats!

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Two golden retriever puppies celebrating national dog day

Yippie! It’s National Dog Day, time to celebrate! Time to dig in the dirt, run around the back yard, chew on a bone and pee in the house. Well, okay, probably not that last one, but everything else and then some!

Why National Dog Day?

Today – August 26th – is NATIONAL DOG DAY! You heard that correctly! Also known at International Dog Day & National Dog Appreciation Day, today is the day to honor and recognize dogs of all kinds.

It is the day to acknowledge dogs that need to be rescued; family dogs; and dogs that work without regard for themselves every day to save lives, keep people safe and provide comfort.

Dogs put their lives on the line daily, whether working in law enforcement, as a service dog, or alongside our soldiers detecting bombs and drugs and helping rescue victims of tragedy from wreckage.

The Mission

Founded in 2004, this is a unique day to show how deeply we love and appreciate the companionship of dogs…for their patience, love and unwavering loyalty to us.

Dogs have such huge hearts and such an unbelievable ability to love, no matter what has happened to them in life. This special day celebrates dogs of all kinds and their amazing ability to positively impact our lives.

This special day began in an effort to  heighten awareness to create a world where all dogs can live a very happy, safe and secure life without fear of abuse or neglect.

The National Dog Day Foundation supports all breeds and varieties of dogs and discourages purchasing from unethical backyard breeders and puppy mills; instead, support reputable breeders or adopt from rescue homes.


So, in celebration of this special day, be sure to give you dog lots of love and affection, and plan an activity that’s his favorite. Consider donating to your local animal shelter or rescue group.  Even better, consider adopting a rescue today!

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