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BlogPaws 2016: 5 Reasons I Loved It

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I’ve finally conquered the jet lag after returning home from BlogPaws 2016.  This was my fifth time attending the conference, and I reaped so many benefits I thought I’d share.

Here are five things I loved most about BlogPaws 2016:

1. Networking


Louie from The French Dog and Spencer the Goldendoodle became fast friends

Many of us are connected to people via social media, but having the chance to meet people in person seems to strength the relationship.

The conference also gave attendees an opportunity to meet brands in person to begin building relationships for future partnering.

It was great spending time with the pet attendees, too!

2.  Education

There was a wide variety of workshops on many topics.  Ones I attended included: Time Management for Bloggers, Content Creation For Brands, and How To Establish Yourself As An Expert and Create Viral Content.

One of the swag items we received was a spiral notebook, it came in very handy for taking notes!

If there was an area I felt I needed to improve upon, there was a workshop to cover it!

3. Talking With Brands

There were around 50 brands in the exhibit hall, and it was great to have the time to talk with them, learn about new products from established companies and become familiar with products I was unaware of prior to the conference.

It was interesting to hear the inspiration behind many of the products/brands that were represented.

Two products that really stood out for me were Muffin’s Halo and GingerLeads.


Muffin’s Halo founder SIlvia Boudreaux

Muffin’s Halo was invented to help a blind toy poodle navigate safely without running into things and possibly being injured.

I could relate to this since my dog Jessie became blind and had a very difficult time finding her way without running into the wall or furniture.

The GingerLead Harness/Sling was developed to help dogs with mobility issues.  Many of us have dealt with senior dogs that have trouble getting up, or dogs that are recovering from surgery that affects their ability to get up.

Often, people resort to using a towel placed around the dog’s hips to lift him, but that can be very hard on the dog and the person doing the lifting. The GingerLead is adjustable, comes in a variety of sizes and has a male or female version.

4. Swag


A sampling of all the swag received at Blogpaws

Attendees at BlogPaws receive a very large amount of swag, and often receive additional products when talking with brands in attendance in the exhibition hall.

There were also giveaways at many of the booths that increased possibilities for even more swag.

5.  Meals and Snacks Provided

When attending conferences, often there might be one, maybe two meals provided, but at BlogPaws, there were meals and snack bags provided throughout the day, thanks in large part to the kind sponsors.  For those of us on a tight budget, this was a great money saver!

Not only were meals provided, but the food selections catered to a variety of dietary choices such as vegan and gluten-free.


If you’re a pet blogger and haven’t checked out BlogPaws, I would highly recommend it!  The connections you’ll make and the knowledge you’ll obtain will be well worth the price of admission!

Right now, tickets for the 2017 BlogPaws conference (to be held in Myrtle Beach, SC) are on sale at 50% off the regular price.  If you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, this special ends on July 1.  Go to for tickets.