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A Man’s Pet May Reveal a Lot About the Man Himself

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Jessie, the pretty and pampered pooch: It’s tough being alone during the holidays. Sure, I have my human and all…and that cat Marty (sigh), but it sure would be nice to find that perfect match with whom to share in all of the joy and fun. Those online dating sites are interesting, but they can be such a chore to weed out the weirdos, if you know what I mean. However, you can narrow down your search somewhat if the match for whom you are looking reveals a bit about the pets he owns.  For example, an article on says that a guy’s pet can reveal a lot about him.  Curious?  Follow me..

If he owns a dog, that is indicative of a loyal personality. Dog ownership requires responsibility and commitment. Good traits to get in a man. However, just make sure he is not overly obsessed with his dog. Draw the line at the dog sleeping in the same bed.

If he owns a cat, that suggests a sensitive kind of guy. And, chances are, that guy will love taking photos of his cat and posting them on Facebook, Twitter, etc. While cats can be left alone for periods of time, if your man is dedicated to his feline, that could mean you will be spending lots of evenings at his place. Just sayin’…

If your man has fish, he is probably very calm on an emotional level. He may not be very affectionate, either. (Have you ever tried to hug a fish?) Just make sure there is not a health reason, such as an allergy, that is keeping him from having a furry, four-legged friend instead.

If he has a parrot, this guy is probably somewhat self-obsessed. I mean, parrots imitate words and phrases, right? A man with a parrot will probably teach it to say things he wants to hear over and over again….even some of those stale pick up lines he tossed your way when you met!

Is there a rabbit in his life? Men who have pet rabbits were probably denied one as a pet as a kid. Of course, he would never cater to calling it Fluffy. No, way! Only macho names might take precedence here. Meet Duke!

If your man has a mouse, a rat, a hamster or any other kind of rodent, you might want to steer clear of this guy. There might be other insidious issues lurking beneath his surface. Skip the second date.

I think I will just remain single. It is so much easier! Besides, Marty is just as much work as a boyfriend. I can barely train him. He never listens to me. He sleeps a lot and scratches himself, too. And he is such a slob. Oh, bother!


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