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Indoor Fitness Fun for Dogs!

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Jessie, the wise and insightful counselor on all-things related to dogs:

Now that Spring is in the air, baseball season has begun, and people everywhere are getting back outside for fresh air, fun and fitness, it is time to get your dog back in shape after the long winter! Going on walks and short runs with your dog is great, but what happens when April showers keep you inside? Do you cut your dog’s fitness routine short? No way! According to, there are a few indoor activities you can do with your dog to still get that fitness burst he (and you!) need!

**Have your dog run or walk up and down the stairs. Create intervals for him by standing on a certain step at a certain level and then throw a toy down for him to catch and retrieve, bringing it back up the steps to you. He will soon get winded but will have a blast!

**Set up an obstacle course for him. Use an old hula-hoop for him to jump through or create a tunnel out of couch cushions and pillows through which he can run.

**Hide treats – behind doors, under tables – and allow him to run around searching for them.

**Play a game of fetch with a soft toy.

**Hop in the car together and go to the local pet store and walk up and down the aisles together.

As for our cat, Party Marty, the only exercise he gets any more is jumping to conclusions and evading the issue. As for myself, well, I am going to do laps around the living room searching for my chew toy Marty said he hid from me!


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