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5 Ways To Save Money On Pet Supplies

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Save Money on Pet Supplies

One of my clients was recently laid off from her job.  Being a caring pet owner, she doesn’t want to compromise the quality of her dog’s diet, but she is concerned about the cost of food and treats she’s currently feeding her dog.

There are many options available to save money on pet food, treats, toys and other pet supplies.  Here are some of the money saving options I’ve used:

  • Home Goods store.  If you have a Home Goods store in your area, you can score some good deals on a wide variety of pet items.  I’ve found good deals on dog leashes, dog crates, cat toys, dog toys, and treats.  New merchandise comes in often, but the down side is if you find an item there one day, you may not find it on your next visit.  I recommend buying when you see it in the store if at all possible.
  • Amazon. has a vast array of pet supplies, often at better prices than the “bog-box” pet stores.  My client said she’d paid $52 for Blue Buffalo dog food, in checking Amazon I found options as low as $39.89 (if you use their subscription service).  If you’re an Amazon Prime member, shipping is free on a majority of items, usually with two day shipping.  They also run specials periodically on various brands of food, treats, and toys to save even more money.  Go to the Pet Supplies section of their site to check out their selection.
  • Petflow. is another site with a very large selection of pet supplies for cats and dogs, including premium food and treat brands, including many prescription pet food diets.  This site offers the option to sign up for regular deliveries, and you can sometimes save more money by subscribing.  If you get on their email list, you’ll be notified of their sales (they have sales often).  They offer free shipping on orders over $49, and sometimes even offer free shipping.  This site can be a life saver for those with a busy schedule or those that don’t have easy access to stores that carry premium food and treat brands.  I especially love it in the winter when it’s harder to get out due to bad weather conditions.
  • Doggyloot. offers only dog treats, toys and accessories.  This site has products available only for a limited time, and you will be notified of new items available if you subscribe to their email list.  They offer a subscription program for treats and toys, and shipping is free.
  • Coupaw. is similar to Doggyloot, but offers products for both dogs and cats.  As with Doggyloot, items on Coupaw are available for a limited time.  You are notified of new products as they become available by signing up on their email list.  There are shipping charges applied to purchases on this site, but you are notified in the description of the product what charges apply (usually around $4.95).

This list is not all inclusive, but I have used all of these services and have been satisfied.  If you have other sites and/or stores you shop regularly that offer great deals on pet supplies, please let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!