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5 Things Your Dog Would Like You To Remember

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dogs and intuition

Whether or not you realize this fact dogs want the same thing that you want, companionship. Dogs are pack animals and not only enjoy being with other members of the pack but they absolutely need it to be happy. Isolation is torture for humans and dogs. As a member of your pack your dog has a few things he hopes you will remember. Let’s talk about those things:

  1. Let me live where you live, please don’t ban me to the backyard.  Dogs need and want to be a part of the family. You can’t experience the love that a dog can give if you isolate him in the backyard. He often becomes the dog that drives the neighbors crazy barking. The next thing that happens is no body even wants to go in the backyard because the dog is crazy and will jump all over you. So let your dog live with you in the house.
  2. Spend some quality time with me.  Make a promise to your dog that you will give him some one-on-one time every day so you can develop that bond that is so important for the human-dog relationship.
  3. Train me so you can be proud of me.  Dogs need to be trained. Training develops the human-dog relationship and lets the dog know his place in the pack.
  4. Take care of my health so you and I can grow old together.  Dogs needs routine vet visits to stay healthy. Heartworm medication and annual shots are very important. If money is an issue, consider investing in a pet insurance plan. They can really come in handy when catastrophic illness happens.
  5. Make sure I get enough exercise.  Exercise is import to keep humans and dogs healthy.  Take time everyday to go for a nice long walk to keep your dog happy, healthy and to build much needed serotonin in the brain for his general well being. The added bonus is that you are going to be healthier at the same time.

If you will do these few simple things I will be the loyal companion you have always wanted. I’ll be there when you don’t feel well and even just when you need a friend to listen to you.



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