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Bananas: Healthy Dog Treat?

Bananas: Healthy Dog Treat?

  My dogs LOVE bananas!  Every time they see me with one, they come over wanting a bite.  I split the pointy end piece between them, their fruit bite of the day. I’m a big believer in feeding healthy treats, and bananas fill the bill. Health Benefits of Bananas For Your Dog They’re also rich […]

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  April 19, 2017   No comments
Dog Behavior:  Your Dog Is Watching You

Dog Behavior: Your Dog Is Watching You

  Ever notice your dog will steal food when you aren’t in the room?  This dog behavior is known by many of us, but recent studies indicate there may be more to it than we realized. Background Studies conducted in 2009 by the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology indicate dogs may use a higher […]

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  April 13, 2017   No comments
Cats Catching Flies:  Is Your Cat A Fly Guy?

Cats Catching Flies: Is Your Cat A Fly Guy?

Cats catching flies can be pretty entertaining to watch. Flies make great toys for cats, it seems.  I’ve noticed whenever a fly manages to get into the house, Marty doesn’t take long catching it. In this video from Simon’s Cat, he, too, is determined to catch the fly in the house. Unfortunately, the cat encounters […]

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  March 30, 2017   No comments

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