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You Will Be Missed!

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Miss SadieIt is with a heavy heart that I write this post.  I received an email today from Sadie’s mom stating Sadie had run away with a neighbor’s dog and both were hit by a car and killed.

Sadie was the epitome of Black Lab-dom, fun-loving, never met another dog she didn’t like….and want to play with!  She was also one that loved treats of all types, always quick to take the sit position to score them.

She had two kitty siblings, one of which was her good friend, the other a source of aggravation, but somehow they all found a way to peacefully co-exist.  Sadie was like that, a good girl that liked to get along with all.

Her mom wrote that Sadie was the purest soul she’d ever met, I would agree with that.  At the age of four, Sadie is gone too soon but her sweet presence will live on.

Sadie, I will miss you, pretty girl!

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