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You Mean There is More than One Crazy Cat Place in the World Other than Where I Live????

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Party Marty here again! TGIF!  I have been thinking that it is time for a vacation. Need to kick back, relax, nap and eat. Wait a minute….I do that every day. Maybe I need to work instead. Well, I did go online to check out some hot spots around the world that might be of interest to me and was astounded at some of the places and events in the world that cater to cats! I mean, I know we are akin to gods and such, but this is too cool. Check this stuff out that I discovered on….CRAZY PLACES FOR CAT LOVERS TO VISIT!

  • Japan.  So, we know that the great country of Japan has brought us “Hello Kitty” and Internet sensation Maru, but Tokyo is also famous for its cat cafes. Yes!  You can hang out with your feline friends and each February you can join in the celebration of Nyan Nyan Nyan Day, a name brought to life and inspired by the sounds cats make. (Yeah…I seriously don’t think I sound like that, but…whatever!) Japan has the highest per capita cat ownership in the world. Talk about crazy cat people. However, this obsession has led to the creation of some charming, yet strange, places where travelers can stop and, well, pay homage. You can even get a handy dandy map while in Tokyo that will lead you to all of the cat cafes in town!
  • Moscow. More precisely, the Moscow Cats Theatre, was founded in 1990 and has a performing troupe of over 120 cats that deliver pure entertainment in the form of stunts, acrobatics and more. No, they do not go on world tour.
  • Belgium.  Welcome to the Kattenstoet, also known as the Festival of Cats. This event is held every three years on the second Sunday of May. The next one on deck is slated for 2015. (You still have plenty of time to plan!) This festival celebrates the noble feline with a street parade of floats, lots of music, stilt walkers, and folks in costumes, some dressed as cats, witches and mice.
  • Key West, Florida.  On US soil, late author Ernest Hemingway’s grand, plantation-style home is still the domain of at least 50 cats that are descendants of Hemingway’s original Maine coon, Snowball. You can visit his estate/museum and meet and greet these lovely creatures.

For more on these crazy cat places, go to Or, you can just read our blog for all the crazy stuff I do. I assure you…that would be far more entertaining and cheaper!


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