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You Can’t Have Friday Without the Musings of Party Marty!

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Party Marty here on this amazing Friday!  Woohoo!  The weekend is almost here! And thanks to, I can highlight some fantastic cat quotes that I feel are truly worth sharing. Yes, that site did have some dog quotes, but why waste a TGIF on those?  So…read on you cat lovers!

“A cat sees no good reason why it should obey another animal, even if it does stand on two legs.”

– Sarah Thompson

“A dog will flatter you but you have to flatter the cat.”

– George Mikes

“You can keep a dog; but it is the cat who keeps people, because cats find humans useful domestic animals.”

– George Mikes

“You own a dog but you feed a cat.”

– Jenny de Vries

“Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this.”


“Some people say that cats are sneaky, evil, and cruel. True, and they have many other fine qualities as well.”

-Missy Dizick



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