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Why Dogs Like to Dig…Can You Dig It?

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why dogs bury bones

Jessie, the blogging dog, here to entertain your mind on this glorious spring-like day:  Hey! The sun is out. The temps are soaring. I need to get outside and take advantage of the warmer weather. However, I wanted to share a fun and informative post with you today about dogs and why they dig. Personally, I refrain from such a sport as it is hard on my nails and getting dirty is not my thing, but if you have a dog that digs, here are a few possible reasons why you are finding those holes in your yard:

1.)    Do you have a hole or holes near the edge of your fence? What’s on the other side that might be of interest to your dog? Could be he is bored with his domain and senses something of greater interest on the other side. You know what they say….”The grass is always greener…”

2.)    If you find holes that have been dug adjacent to your house, perhaps your dog is showing that he is lonely and wants to come inside.

3.)    If you find shallow holes about the yard, this could be indicative of your dog trying to get comfortable by warming up or cooling down.

If all of this digging causes a problem for you, consider filling those favorite spots with rocks and a smell dogs find unfavorable, such as chili pepper or their own feces. Of course, don’t completely deny him of his fun. Pick an acceptable spot for him to dig and bury a treat there and encourage and applaud his efforts as he finds it!

Well, that’s my story for the day. Off to soak up the sun. Dig a hole? Who has time for that?

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