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Why Does Your Dog Lick His Lips? Hungry? Thirsty? Stressed?

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Stop Licking

Party Marty, back on the scene on this glorious (NOT!) Spring day! Hey! It’s Spring, but when I look out my window I see snow. And it is cold and wet outside. What gives? I am not fond of this, not at all. I guess I will just have to go back to sleep until the sun decides to emerge. Before that, however, I want to post to the blog. After all, it just wouldn’t be Friday without something from Marty!

Do you ever wonder why dogs lick their chops? Are they hungry? Do they smell food and anticipate being the lucky recipient of such delectables? Well, that could be the case, but if your dog is licking his lips when there is no food involved, he may be communicating another message to you. The licking of the lips is a way to communicate,

Some animal behavioral specialists note that when a dog licks his lips, he is feeling stressed or uncomfortable about something going on around him that could be perceived as a threat. He will lick his lips to appease or soothe the person or animal he perceives as a threat. This is his way of letting the offending party know he is not a threat.

While licking the lips is a sign of submission, it still signals stress and discomfort. However, if he feels it necessary, he may still become defensive, so if you see a dog licking his lips, back away a bit and give him time to realize you are not a threat. However, if you have a piece of bacon in your hand, well, I bet he is licking his lips for another reason. “Put the bacon down and back away slowly” is possibly what he is suggesting!

All for now! Nap time! Catch you on the flippity flip! Tally-ho! Squads east! Good day!

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