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Who is the Alpha Dog anyway?

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My friend has two dogs….a five-year-old 37 pound Wheaten Terrier and a one-year-old 7 pound Yorkie-Poo. While the Wheaten is ever-protective of the household and has always ruled the roost, once this little Yorkie-poo moved in, all bets were off. It is funny to see how a mere 7-pound puupy can boss around a 37-pound dog. My friend is not sure if the Wheaten has mellowed with age or is nervous aruond the little mutt, who bares his teeth and growls whenever the bigger dog even gets near his food bowl. Perhaps the little guy just has a Napoleon complex or something. Nevertheless, the Wheaten carries on and lets the Yorkie-poo call the shots. My guess is, the Wheaten is merely exhibiting his authority by being silent, making observations, and planning for his alpha return!


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