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When the Cat Needs Ear Plugs!

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Marty Party, the inquisitive cat with the inquiry of the day: WHY DO DOGS NEED SQUEAKY TOYS?  It drives me crazy.  All I want to do is rest under the window in the embrace of the warm rays from the sun, when out of nowhere comes this irritating squeaky noise. I thought I had destroyed that thing! But, no! Little doggie has a squeaky toy!  Fun, fun!  For HER!

One theory as to why dogs like such annoying toys is simply due to the nature of the squeak. Evidently, in the wild, an injured prey anmial makes similar sounds and cries, and in doing so reveals its position and condition. (I’ve got GPS…what do I care?) Dogs with those strong natural hunting instincts recognize those replicated sounds in a squeaky toy and are supposedly satisfied with it.  Makes them feel like they’ve conquered a few field mice, birds or other small prey. (Note to self: Remain bigger than the family dog!)

Of course, it could just be that dogs love an interactive toy that satisfies their innate desire to chew and gnaw, keeping their minds occupied. Thank you, but I prefer the crossword puzzles in the New York Times. No squeaks.  Speaking of which, what’s a six letter word that rhymes with “You’re mine?”  That’s right…canine, and that dog is MINE!  You hear that, Jessie? I rule! You drool!

Thanks to for keeping me pleasantly informed and slightly above the family dog!


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