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Warning! Pay Attention to Signs of Heat Stroke in Your Dog!

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Jessie, the dog who would have made a great registered nurse! Hey! It’s hot out there! I can barely go out and take care of business before I have to come right back in. Please take care of your precious pets in this heat! They matter! Have you heard of hyperthermia? That is a rise in body temperature beyond the normal range. It usually occurs due to inflammation in the body or a hot environment. When a dog is exposed to extreme elevated temperatures, he can suffer from heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

If your dog suffers from heat stroke, that is a very serious condition that requires immediate attention from a veterinarian. Once a dog’s temperature reaches 106 degrees, the body’s cellular system becomes damaged and the effects on organs may become irreversible.

Here are some signs of heat stroke:

  • Increased rectal temperature – over 104 degrees requires action; 106 degrees is an extreme emergency
  • Vigorous panting
  • The gums are red and dark
  • Dry mucus membranes
  • The dog collapses or loses consciousness
  • Thick saliva
  • Dizziness or disorientation

If you suspect heat stroke in your dog, quickly move him out of the heat and away from the sun. Begin cooling him by putting cool, wet rags and washcloths on his body, especially on the foot pads and around the head. Do NOT use ice or very cold water…that can cause the internal temperature to rise even more. Also, over-cooling can cause hypothermia, which brings on even more problems. When your dog’s temperature reaches 103 degrees, stop the cooling measures.

Offer him cool water, but do not force any into his mouth. Call your vet or take your dog to the clinic right away. Even though your dog may appear better on the outside, internal damage may still exist.

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