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Viewing the World (or at least your home!) from Your Dog’s Perspective!

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Ann, guest blogger and human to Bolt (Yorkie-Poo) and Naismith (Wheaten Terrier):  Well, my kids caught me doing something strange today, but it truly was an interesting endeavor. When two of my sons came down the stairs for breakfast today, they saw me on my hands and knees.

“Are you looking for something?” asked one.

“Are you hurt?” asked another.

A third son walked by completely oblivious that I was even on the floor. Teenagers!

When I revealed to the two interested parties why I was on the floor, they soon joined me.

You see, I originally dropped to my hands and knees to give Bolt his morning snuggle, which is my way of putting my face to his and giving him affection. (Hey! If you own pets, you know what I mean! Don’t judge!) As I was down on the floor, I began to look around and noted to my kids, “This is interesting. This is our world from Bolt’s point of view.”

As we crawled around on the kitchen floor for a while (Don’t worry! I am anal! It was clean! You could practically eat off of it!), we began to see the world from a new angle – from Bolt’s perspective. (Naismith is considerably taller, so his viewpoint is not as unique as Bolt’s!)

“Wow!” remarked one son. “The ceiling is so high up there.”

“The fridge looks so big,” said the other.

“Everything looks bigger from down here,” I commented, and then realized as I looked under the dishwasher where that Junior Mint from last week went!

As we crawled around for a few minutes, we really gained an appreciation for what our pets see. It gave us a whole new perspective on life in our home. You should try it sometime. While your dogs and cats may try to see things from a human point of view for your benefit, engage in their world for a while. It’s truly unique! Of course, it is a challenge attempting to drink from the dog’s water dish! (No…I really didn’t do that, but I could see where it might make one’s chin quite wet!) Then there was the task of going up the stairs on all fours! Oops!


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