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Tribute To Friends We Lost In 2017: Posh and Otis

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As 2017 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on the good times, and to remember those loved ones we lost.  This year, we lost two friends, Posh and Otis. Following is a tribute to each of them:



Posh (foreground) with her brother Tucker

Posh was quite a girl.  A rescued Sheltie, she was a bit slow to warm up to people, but once she did, she was a good friend. I hadn’t seen Posh for a while, but the last time I did, she seemed in good health, so the news of her passing was a surprise.

I remember taking walks with her and her dog brother, Tucker.  Posh had a fun little gait when she was enjoying her walk, I deemed it the Posh Prance.  She held her head up high, and pranced her way down the street.  Tucker always looked at her as though he was trying to figure out what she was doing, but that didn’t phase her.

Posh was a sweet girl, and I was proud to call her a friend.



The last picture I took of Otis

I met Otis in March of this year.  He was a 13 year old mixed breed, American Bulldog and Chocolate Lab.

He was a counter surfer extraordinaire, his mom indicated he would eat paper, socks napkins, whatever he could get to if left to his own devices.

By the time I met him, he’d slowed down a bit, but it was easy to see he was still quite a character. He loved his treats, and his favorite game was fetch the ball.

Otis never failed to make me laugh at least once every time I saw him.  Even though I didn’t know him for a long time, the times we spent together were always fun!

I miss these two very much, but the times I had with both of them will always stay with me.

Rest well, my friends, until we meet again….