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They eyes have it! If you look closely, you will see that your cat really does adore you!

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The spirit of Bo, back from the heavenly beyond where cats spend eternity, eager to bless you with information and comfort.  It is commonly known that cats tend to appear rather aloof and disinterested…as if the world revolves around their every move. You love your cat but perhaps you may wonder if your cat really loves you.  Well, I can assure you that he/she does. In fact, a new study out of the University of Tokyo claims that he/she adores you! Cats are not very good at expressing emotion and apparently, they have evolved to hide their feelings. (Hmmmm….like some men you might know!) Actually, they have learned to hide their emotions so as not to appear weak when out in the wild. Otherwise, they would make for an easy catch for predators.

In this particular study, researchers tested the reaction of cats to their humans by playing recordings of their voices and recordings of strangers’ voices. When they heard the voices of their owners, they moved their heads and ears toward the source and their pupils dilated.  That in and of itself is a very powerful emotional signal that conveys excitement. And that is an expression of emotion they can project without minimizing their reputation of being totally aloof.

So, when it comes to telling your kitty just how much you love him or her, by all means….carry on!  They love it!

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