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The Winter Dog Olympics

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Cold weather is closing in and both pets and kids will be inside a lot more.  The November/December 2011 issue of The Bark magazine provided some good ideas on “events” you can set up for your dog.

One idea that’s easy and fun for you and your dog is gymnastics.  A gymnastics event that works great for dogs is the balance beam.  Find a plank that’s about a foot wide and raise it off the ground a bit with either packed snow, or a couple of bricks on either end.

At first, walk your dog on leash slowly across the plank, walking alongside her.  Use a coaxing command to get her started walking across.  Once she’s comfortable with it, start walking across the plank faster.  After she’s mastered her balance beam routine, allow her to walk the beam unleashed.

She’ll appreciate the gold medal treat at the end of her routine!

What winter games do you like to play with your dog?


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