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The “Dog”-tor is in! How your pet can instill healthy habits in you!

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Jessie, the dog that should have PhD or MD after her name! Hey, you!  Yes, you!  Did you know that your dog can teach you a few health lessons that perhaps your doctor might not even tell you? If you observe our daily behaviors and then decide to act upon them yourself, within reason, then you might see a noticeable improvement in your health.  As noted on the web site, your dog just might actually be a valuable wellness coach.  Observe…

1.)   Get out and play. There I said it!  Dogs love to run, jump, frolic and play…and they don’t care who is watching. They have fun and burn off energy in the process. And, boy!  Does it feel great! Go ahead…give it a try!  I dare you!  Skip down the sidewalk. Run through the grass in your bare feet. Laugh until it hurts.

2.)   Practice portion control. You always seem to feed us just the right amount of food at just the right times during the day.  Why not do yourself a healthy favor and control the amount of food you eat and how often you eat?  It may do wonders for that waistline. After all, isn’t it nice to still be able to see your belly button when you look down?

3.)   Sleep like a dog. We nap. We slumber. We chill out. You stress out. You are sleep deprived. You are cranky. See the difference?  Make sleep a priority….just not when driving!

4.)   Learn to forgive. Get that pesky chip off your shoulder. Make peace with others and with yourself. Happiness looks good on you! And it’s great for the immune system.

5.)   Show your appreciation for people and things. Be grateful for all that you have and let it show in your words and in your actions. Don’t be a Grumpy Gus.

Thanks!  Now go have a very healthy day! You can thank me later!



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