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Television for Dogs?????

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Party Marty, the curious cat with exciting news: Well…just when I thought I had seen it all, out comes something new…just for dogs! It’s called DOGTV! Have you heard about this? It’s a cable channel dedicated to dogs that stay home alone during the day. (Thank goodness I have Netflix!). Unlike us cool cats, evidently dogs can get quite anxious when left home alone, and this new channel has been designed as the ideal babysitter for these pets. Compelling research indicates that dogs feel better when the television is on, especially when it displays the right content…and that doesn’t mean dog food commercials!

This new channel provides three types of programming: relaxing content, stimulating content and positive behavioral reinforcements (Guess there are no commercials!). Supposedly, the music on this channel is designed to create a peaceful ambiance. The stimulating portion provides invigorating images, animation and real world sounds to keep them up and on the move! (Heck…I do that for that dog Jessie here by going out and occasionally ringing the doorbell several times in a row. You should see her react!)

DOGTV looks to be a great tool, however, to prevent depression, boredom and mental fatigue. In dogs, that is. Dang! I should have thought of MARTYTV! (Pauses and thinks) Catch ya later! I’ve got something to do now!

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