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Talking Turkey Here! Pets and Thanksgiving Safety Tips!

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Party Marty, the cool cat on the scene here to shed some helpful Turkey Day tips for you and your pets!  The official ASPCA web site is a great resource for all sorts of information regarding the health and safety of your pets.  They even have some great advice for keeping your pets safe this upcoming holiday where food is abundant and pets are standing near the festivities and drooling excessively.

While it may seem like a fun idea to let your pet share in the indulgences, it’s wise to just keep the food fun to yourself, unless you really want a sick pet and a large vet bill.

Sure, it’s okay to give Fido a small bite of fully-cooked turkey and maybe a smidge of mashed potatoes,  but avoid letting him try the stuffing. Frequently made with sage, stuffing can can wreak havoc on your pet’s stomach and central nervous system, and cats are especially sensitive to various herbs and essential oils.

When making breads and rolls, do not let your pet have any of the raw dough.  The heat of their bodies can cause it to expand in their stomachs, creating severe abdominal pain, bloating, and vomiting. No fun for you or your pet.  It could be life-threatening, too.

Same goes for the baking department. If Fido gets his nose into the batter, he could risk salmonella poisoning from raw eggs.

A fun way to keep your pet happy, satisfied and entertained while you and your guests enjoy your feast?  Put a few pieces of sweet potato or green beans with a bit of gravy in one of those kong toys and he will be in Thanksgiving heaven!

Enjoy the holiday!  Catch ya later!

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