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Sometimes Cats Are Better than Men!

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cute little kitten

Party Marty here! Just finished browsing one of those dating web sites. What a chore to go through all of those profiles to find that perfect match. If you are a single woman feeling like finding the right guy just might never happen, let me brighten your day by telling you that cats are far superior to men! How? Well, just consider the following, as borrowed from While I don’t want to dis the men out there….there are so many wonderful ones…you have to admit, there might be a hint of truth in these musings!

  • Face it – you can’t put a bell around a guy’s neck to determine where he is all the time.
  • Your cat will love you even when you have bad hair days. Heck! We have bad hair days, too! And a few bad fur balls, too!
  • You typically don’t have a problem if your cat rubs up against guests in your home.
  • You are not expected to spend time with your cat’s mother.
  • Cats LOVE to see you come home from a shopping spree with lots of bags!
  • A cat will never leave you for a younger woman or come home late at night stumbling drunk.
  • Cats will never fake their love for you.
  • Cats can fend for themselves.
  • When a cat sleeps all day, it’s natural…not annoying!

There are more, but I don’t want to disrespect the guys out there too much! This was all in good fun, and I am certain men could find reasons why dogs are better than women!

Have a great day!


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