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Some Dog Breeds May Be Expensive, But You Really Can’t Put a Price on the Love ANY Dog Gives!

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Jessie, the elegant, sophisticated and richly desired of all canines:

I cannot believe some of the price tags that folks put on dogs these days! I mean, aren’t we all priceless when it comes to the love and affection we give you?

At any rate, I was interested and had to see the going rates for certain dog breeds myself. Take a peek right here, but make sure you are sitting down before you read how much these guys can cost!

Ever hear of a Red Tibetan Mastiff? Well, apparently these are quite rare and one was sold in China in 2013 for $1.9 million!!!! Gulp!

The elite and very athletic breed called the Pharaoh Hound can boast a price tag of up to $6500! Then there is the Rottweiler, which you can nab for just $6,000. Sure, these guys have gotten a bad rap in the movies for their aggressive behavior, but they can be trained as puppies to be social and friendly. However, they still do make for a nice guard dog, and at this price, why invest in a security system?

The strong and friendly Samoyed breed can be yours for anywhere from $4,000 – $10,000. And the adorable Lowchen, which is similar to a Maltese, can join your family for roughly $3,000.

If Akitas are more your style, you can take one home for about $4500 or you can give a nod to one of the oldest breeds – the Saluki – known for its muscular physique and long legs and write a check for about $2500 to call him your own.

So, even if YOUR dog does not fall into any of these categories and might not be that one-in-a-million pet, if he has found his way into your heart, I bet he is definitely that once-in-a-lifetime pet! Besides, we also know of a lot of rescue pets that are definitely worth more than gold.

In short, you can’t put a price on your pets and the love you give them, as the love they give in return grows exponentially every day!

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