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Sleeping with Pets: Yes or No?

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Sleeping with pets

The Spirit of Bo, bringing more nuggets of wisdom to our readers: 

Raise your hand if you have ever let your pet sleep in bed with you! Don’t be shy. I know a lot of you have! After all, they are so cuddly and sweet and lovable…how can you resist? However, is it really such a good idea to invite them under the covers with you? While you can find countless sources of information online about this topic that will toot their own horns on both sides of the issue, I will present a few nuggets here and you can make your own determination and do your own research. I really don’t have the right answer. I just read a lot and try to present some interesting points.

A recent survey of pet owners via the American Pet Products Association noted that 62% of small dogs slept in the beds with their humans; 41% of medium dogs did; and 32% of large dogs did. When it came to cats getting in bed with their owners, 62% of them slept with the adults and 13% slept with the kids.

So, it is clearly not unusual at all to have pets snuggle at night with you. However, what does it mean for you?

**If you have allergies, it might not be a good idea to have your pet sleep in the bed with you. After all, do you really want to feel miserable all night long?

**If you have an aggressive or dominate dog, it’s probably not a good idea to let him sleep on your bed. He can become territorial and eventually consider the bed his, not yours.

**Whether you realize it or not, pets in the bed with you can disturb your sleep. In the aforementioned survey, 53% of the respondents noted a disruption in their sleep, leading to fits of insomnia. Not a good thing!

I realize that many folks find it calming and peaceful to sleep with their pets, and I get that, so I guess you just have to make a decision that works for you. I do know that our guest blogger, Bolt, the Yorkie-Poo, has very neat and tidy owners who do not allow him to sleep on or in the bed with them. Instead, he has his own bed right next to theirs.

“Having him sleep in the bed with me is like inviting bugs, dirt, feces, and certain potential parasites into my bed,” noted his human. “Sure, we keep him clean and all, but dogs are dogs. To me, it’s like going to bed with my shoes on. Would you do that? He enjoys his special place right next to the bed, and that works for us!”

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